Laser Hair Removal is only Available at our Pembroke Studio

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Get flawless skin with our top of the line laser hair removal services for Narberth, conveniently located just a 40-minute drive away from our studio in Pembroke.
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Discover Superior Laser Hair Removal in Pembroke Dock

Welcome to our state-of-the-art studio offering premier laser hair removal services for Pembroke Dock residents. Conveniently located just a 10-minute drive away in Pembroke, we provide top-quality treatments designed to give you smooth, hair-free skin with long-lasting results.

Laser hair removal is a highly effective method for reducing unwanted hair permanently. Unlike traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing, or depilatory creams, laser hair removal targets the hair follicles directly, preventing future hair growth and leaving your skin smooth and radiant.

Advanced Laser Technology

At our Pembroke studio, we use advanced laser technology to ensure precise and effective treatments. Our laser devices are designed to target hair follicles with concentrated light energy, destroying them while leaving the surrounding skin unharmed. This technology allows for safe, quick, and comfortable sessions with minimal downtime.

Every individual’s skin and hair type are unique, which is why we provide customised treatment plans tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced technicians will assess your skin type, hair colour, and growth patterns to develop a personalised plan that maximises results and minimises discomfort.

Safe and Professional Environment

Safety is our top priority. Our team of trained professionals uses medical-grade equipment to perform all laser hair removal treatments. We adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and safety protocols to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all our clients.

Our Laser boasts 4 wavelengths so ALL skin types and tones can achieve the same remarkable results in as little as 8 treatments.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal in Pembroke Dock

Choosing our laser hair removal Pembroke Dock services comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • Long-lasting results: Achieve smooth, hair-free skin for extended periods with fewer maintenance sessions.
  • Time-saving: Reduce the time spent on daily shaving or frequent waxing appointments.
  • Cost-effective: Invest in long-term hair removal and save money on temporary hair removal methods.
  • Smooth skin: Enjoy smoother skin without the irritation or ingrown hairs often caused by shaving and waxing.

What to Expect

During your initial consultation, our technicians will discuss your goals, evaluate your skin and hair type, and explain the laser hair removal process. Each session typically lasts between 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the treatment area. Multiple sessions are required to achieve optimal results, usually spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

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We offer laser hair removal for various areas, including: Face: Upper lip, chin, sideburns, and neck. Body: Underarms, arms, legs, back, chest, and bikini area.

Convenient Location

Our studio is conveniently located in Pembroke, just a short 10-minute drive from Pembroke Dock. Our serene and private setting ensures a relaxing and discreet experience for all clients.

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Goodbye Razor, Hello Laser

Book your SKN Studio Treatments today. If you’re a new laser customer, please book a consultation first and we will guide you the rest of the way. 

Important Information: 

We prioritise your safety and well-being. All clients will be required to fill out an online consultation form before their appointment to ensure everything is suitable for the treatment. This allows us to perform your treatment efficiently and safely.


I am unable to treat anyone who is:

  • Under 18 years old.
  • Experiencing excessive redness, impetigo, dermatitis, eczema, or any inflammatory skin conditions, including acne and rosacea. (Please contact me before booking)
  • Taking prescribed medication like Roaccutane or antibiotics.
  • Sunburnt, active sores, blisters, or open wounds.
  • Medical conditions like diabetes, epilepsy, or bleeding/clotting disorders.
  • Currently using topical antibiotics or steriod creams.
  • Predisposition to developing keloid scarring.
  • Currently receiving treatment for any cancer.
  • Pregnant or breastfeeding (only SKN Deluxe facial available)

Holding back this information could be detrimental to your results and, most importantly, to your health.

For your laser appointment, we will go through a face-to-face consultation where we will check all medical history and any current topical or oral medication you are and have taken in the last 6 months. 

If you have any questions or concerns about anything not listed above, please contact us directly at:

When booking a facial, please consider the following guidelines. Adhering to these recommendations will help you get the very best out of your session.

  • Retinol-based Products: Please refrain from using retinol-based products 7 days before your appointment.
  • Recent Procedures: If you’ve had botox, fillers, micro-needling, chemical peels, or laser treatment, we kindly request a 14 day waiting period.
  • Exfoliating Products: Avoid products containing AHA’s like glycolic acid and BHA’s like salicylic acid for 5 days before your appointment.
  • Facial Waxing: Please avoid facial waxing for at least 5 days prior.